Okay Android, you’re on!

I’ve given Google — and particularly Android, their mobile OS — a bit of a hard time on these pages. I think it’s justified; Google is doing some fantastic things for free software but is also guilty of its fair share of gaffes. But today an opportunity has presented itself for yours truly to trial Google’s Nexus One and one of Canada’s new mobile operators. How can I say no?

Here’s how it came to be…

This past week Google’s Nexus One, arguably the best Android handset money can currently buy, went on sale at Mobilicity and promptly sold out a few hours later. Having nothing better to do I wandered over to a nearby store to see if they happened to have one. They didn’t, but said they were getting an additional four units within the week — and for a $100 deposit I could have dibs on one of them.

Three things got me to open up my wallet:

  1. Apparently Mobilicity’s stock of the Nexus One comes straight from HTC and is unlocked;
  2. A current promotion would allow me to secure their $65 all-inclusive calling, text & data plan for $35/month, forevermore… But I have to sign on by October 31st.
  3. There’s a 7-day grace period within which I can cancel my plan and get a full refund for the N1, in case I don’t like it — or, more importantly, if I don’t like Mobilicity’s network.

If it all works out I’d eventually cancel my Fido service and port my number over to Mobilicity — the $300 cancellation fee for two simultaneous contracts (voice & data) (I know) would be made up for in short order by the $60/month I would save in recurring monthly charges. I could also grab an unlocked N900 if Mobilicity’s data network was up to snuff but Android wasn’t.

And the worst case scenario will see me with a open box Nexus One I have to sell and/or a $100 deposit I can’t get back.

I had a pretty awful experience with one of Canada’s other upstart carriers, WIND Mobile. But in the interest of competition I should at least give Mobilicity a shot. And the chance to see Android in action on one of the best handsets running it seals the deal.

If any Android users and/or Mobilicity customers have any advice, I’m all ears…


  1. Uhm, do let me know how Android goes for you. I am also looking forward to making the switch. Last time I sat by some dude running same phone (N1), I had to hide my crappy Symbian! šŸ˜€

  2. You couldn’t have picked a better Android phone to trial than the Nexus One. No carrier bloat, stock Android, and its fully unlocked. I look forward to your thoughts knowing you’ve been a long time Nokia/Symbian user.

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