Oa’s fall updates.

I guess it’s the lingering back-to-school mentality from my youth that puts me in reevaluation mode come September. Wait, it’s October now? Damn, better get to it…

Here are some of the ways in which I hope to make this blog better in very short order:

1. More sociable.

Over the weekend I set up an official Google profile. I’ve also made it easier to share links to Identi.ca and Twitter via Google Reader. Hopefully this won’t get too spammy for folks kind enough to follow any of these accounts. I’ll rely on you to keep me honest on that.

And while I’m no fan of Facebook I am considering a fan page there. I’m willing to go behind enemy lines to preach the gospel of all things open and good.

2. Site redesign.

A fancy way of saying that I’ll be changing up the WordPress theme here.

WooTheme’s Mainstream has served me well for the past 9 months (and not just because of its GPL) but I’m starting to find the layout a bit cramped. Also, Mainstream is designed to support ads — which I’ve never had and don’t plan to anytime soon.

If you want a sneak peak of what I’m thinking about you can click right here.

3. Less posts, hopefully better ones.

This’ll be the most contentious, I reckon.

It’s not that I’m losing interest in this blog; quite the opposite, in fact. But with two stable Linux installations and MeeGo still a no-show I’m finding that my self-imposed weekday schedule is making me lose my way a little bit in terms of my mandate. Last week’s post on what’s basically a marketing theory is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

While links to all things good and open will increase elsewhere, my own posts here will be fewer, but hopefully more interesting.

I definitely want your input on this. If I only posted something once or twice a week would you still come around?

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