In praise of my Facebook friends.

I still don’t think much of Facebook itself, but the friends I’ve made there are fairly awesome. Why? I asked them to “like” my entry for the contest above and upwards of 200 did so, no questions asked.

I thought I had a pretty strong chance of making the shortlist, at the very least. But I woke up yesterday morning to this:

After the considerable task of reviewing the applications, the four Quality Hunters have now been selected. We regret to inform you that you have not been chosen for the role.

What was especially disheartening was going through the logs for my personal website, where at least 20 links from the CV I sent Finnair pointed to. The only record I have of any visitors from Finland is a single session Wednesday afternoon that lasted all of 70 seconds. Ouch.

That CV may well have been my undoing — because the links to my blogs, photos and videos didn’t have explicit URLs spelled out they might not have been seen as links at all when the document was printed up and passed around. It’s equally possible that I don’t fit their demographic, whatever that is.

Anyway, the lucky four winners are being flown out to Finland this weekend for a press conference Monday morning. And to my Facebook friends I’ve made an announcement of my own:

Despite what it looks like, I’m not in tears over this… Just bummed.

And while I still think Facebook is fairly evil, because of the awesome folks who have friended me there I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out.


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