A fairly bulletproof social media strategy.

So what do you do if you’re an airline that wants to draw more people to your site? If you’re Finnair, you hold a contest and choose four lucky winners to travel the world and generate content for it.

The key, of course, is finding the right people. Which is why I’m entering. I’ve embedded my travel CV and a sample video below to intimidate inspire you and keep you away get you started on your own entry:

The contest closes on September 26th, which I’m taking as 23:59 EEST. I’ll be uploading my entry over the weekend, in the company of some 3,500-plus other hopefuls. And counting.

And why didn’t I tell you about this sooner? Because my chances are slim enough as it is, that’s why!

UPDATE: My entry has been posted — you can find it here. If you’re on Facebook and “like” what you see don’t forget to click the appropriate button! 😉


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