My favourite WordPress video tutorials.

I have to confess to being a bit preoccupied in the past week or so — while doing my weekday blogging here I’ve also been charged with migrating a WordPress site from a pretty awful web host in the U.S.A. to a fairly outstanding one here in Canada. And I couldn’t have done it without the Kentucky Classroom.

Wait, what?

It’s true — the YouTube user who goes by the handle kentuckyclassroom posts some of the most helpful WordPress video tutorials I’ve ever seen. Here’s an example:

You’d think that a a video about upgrading to WordPress 2.7 would be yesterday’s news, and in this case you’d be wrong. What this tutorial also demonstrates is a foolproof strategy for backing up a WordPress blog. Sure, you could get this same info directly from WordPress, but I found the video even easier to follow than the official documentation.

Here’s another great video — actually a pair of them:

This two-part series saved my bacon on the site migration I’ve been working on. Going through the demonstrated troubleshooting steps I created a new link between WordPress and its database, which got the blog back up and running when nothing else would.

There’s certainly no shortage of WordPress tutorials on YouTube, but kentuckyclassroom does them right — they’re clear, concise and easy to watch & understand. He’s got some competition in the form of, but the videos there seem to be geared more towards new users of the hosted service, at least the ones I’ve seen.

I also find kentuckyclassroom’s southern drawl to be a calming influence, particularly when I’m in the midst of a WordPress crisis. But obviously, your mileage may vary on that… 😉

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