Activism through sticker-ism.


Back when I was an unquestioning sheep in Apple’s flock I took great joy in looking down my nose at Windows boxes and all the hideous Microsoft and Intel stickers they came riddled with. Indeed, as a Linux user one of the more esoteric adjustments I’ve had to make has been to deal with the very same eyesores on machines I have purchased.

Goo Gone has been a great ally, but I’ve gone a step further and decided to fight fire with fire — that is, to use the medium of stickers to promote my personal manifesto. And so today I’ll share with you a few links to get you started down the road to sticker-ism as well.

Most of the stickers in the photo above are from the Free Software Foundation. They’re currently offering a Super Sticker Mega Multi Pack for the reasonable price of $10 USD. With 50 stickers included, that works out to 20Β’ each, plus shipping.

It should be noted that at least half of the stickers I got were of the Apple or Microsoft-bashing variety, and probably more suited to covert ops — like hiding inside a copy of “Windows For Dummies” at your local book store. I wish the FSF had also included some anti-iPhone stickers with this particular collection, as I could definitely put those to good use.

But you’re also eyeing those Pirate Bay stickers, yes? You can order those right here. There are limited graphical designs but lots of different sticker types, including reverse decals for car windshields, glow in the dark logos for (say) an external hard drive and thick, square emblems suitable for masking some other logo of similar size.

I’ve also got some Ubuntu stickers on the way; unfortunately the pair of domed ones to replace the Windows keys on my two keyboards are currently sold out.

With the constant visual assault of logos and other branding out in the world it only makes sense to join the fight with something of actual substance. And as someone who would formerly consider it sacrilege to cover the Apple logo on their MacBook I have to say it’s been quite liberating to personalize my kit and make it my own.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the dude with the glasses on the bottom of my netbook,Β  he’s the spokesperson/mascot of a Canadian poutinerie — not part of my manifesto or anything… I just think he’s cool.


  1. I have long since removed all of the Windows and Intel stickers from my desktop and laptop. What I really want is a tux key to replace the foolish Windows logo key.

  2. Perhaps someone should actually come up with a Distro called Poutine. The question is what would it look like and what will it include?

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