GoDaddy’s utter usability fail.

Logged in to GoDaddy

Call this a public service or a rant, I don’t really care — I just need to get this off my chest…

I’ve been tasked with moving a WordPress site for Dyscultured, a weekly podcast that I do, over to a new web host. It would be a lot easier if the web host we were migrating from wasn’t

Click through and have a look at the full-sized screen grab linked to above, keeping in mind that this is what someone sees after they have logged in to their account. You’d almost think that GoDaddy has deliberately designed their customer portal to bilk their users for more money rather than giving them the services they’ve signed up for. And you’d be absolutely right.


  • To log in to our site’s MySQL database I had to search Google;
  • To find out how to connect to the site via FTP I had to search Google;
  • To find the online directory of hosted files I had to search Google.

In fact, the only thing I could easily navigate to from the home page of our GoDaddy account was billing. Surprise surprise.

I could tell you all about the awesome web host that we’re moving to — the same one that I use for this very blog — but I honestly don’t want to tarnish its good name by including it here.

As for GoDaddy, just don’t go there. Please. They don’t deserve any of your money, no matter how little they charge.


  1. Andrew, this is totally unrealated to your post, but I just wanted to chime in…

    I gotta say GoDaddy did me a solid on a signup once. I needed my server to have MySQL 5.0, but my Bluehost server was running 4.0. I signed up with GoDaddy, and prepared to move my blogs when Bluehost asked why I was moving. I told them my MySQL requirement, and they said “We’ll just move you to a different server with 5.0.” Done!

    So I thought I’d hafta eat my $100 signup from GoDaddy. They called me, ON THE PHONE, a couple days later to ask why I hadn’t set up my new domains yet. I told them the long story, and they said, “No Worries. We’ll just credit your card in full. Anything else?”.

    I absolutely love that GoDaddy tech reps are empowered to make things correct without a bunch of BS. This is Account Support done right, IMHO. Solid!

  2. I completely agree with their account portal page. It’s confusing and is still scattered with ads – I’m already a customer – piss off.

    I’ve shut down 2 domains with them, and will be transferring my other 3 domains once they are up for renewal. They were the cheapest choice, but coupled by their absolutely ridiculous commercials, that are of no relevance to domain hosting, and their stupid-beyond-comprehension layout of customer and account portal, I recommend them to nobody and refuse to do any business with them.

  3. I totally hate GoDaddy as well. Their site design sucks. Their constant sales process sucks. I don’t want to click through five pages of crap just to purchase a domain name. They think that because they have a super bowl commercial they are unstoppable. I can’t wait to watch them slowly and continuously lose all of the customers that recommended them in the first place. When you register a domain they give you the option of setting up your own DNS servers. I have used this option on over 30 domains. NOT A SINGLE ONE TOOK. THEY ALL WENT TO GODADDY PARKED PAGES! Can you say class action people? I would love to hear others stories with this feature.

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