My favourite Linux wallpapers (so far).

I maintain that computers are the hot rods of the 21st century, and changing up your desktop background is the first and easiest step to pimping your ride.

Today I thought I’d share my favourite Linux wallpapers so far — if you see one you like you can download the full version from my Flickr account, but it’s probably better to get it from the official source,  which I’ve also linked to where available.


This was the first custom wallpaper on my 9-inch Eee PC 901 — it looked great behind earlier versions of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix. A helpful soul on the EeeUser Forum helped me find it; the link to the original is now dead, so this might be the only remaining public record of it.

Xubuntu Luzi

This is the current wallpaper on my current Eee PC. To get it I had to boot from a live USB of Xubuntu 8.10 and snatch it from the usr/share/backgrounds folder. According to this Korean site it dates back to version 6.06.

Fresh Air by Zwopper

This background for Linux Mint 8 actually made a friend’s jaw drop as they watched me login to my computer. It’s by the prolific and very talented Zwopper — you can find it right here, along with other similarly brilliant wallpapers for other distros.

KDE Yellow Steel

I’m almost positive that I grabbed this 1280 x 1024 pixel background off of, but I can’t for the life of me find the link to the original. It doesn’t help that I renamed the file. My bad.

Devos Ubuntu Waves 03

And my current Ubootnu wallpaper, hot off the presses and courtesy of OMG! Ubuntu!

Right, so I’ve shown you mine… Why don’t you link to your favourite Linux wallpapers in the comments below?


  1. A recent favorite of mine is this lynx for Lynx. Pity I only now discover this. Prefer a big cat over a scrawny whatever-a-meerkat-is-anyways.

    Usually go for the non-descript simple swirls and bokehs. My display isn’t large enough to show much of my dt in any case.

  2. Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself! Although it could be that your urls are too long for Disqus to figure out.

    Anyway, nice wallpapers — thanks for sharing : )

  3. “Only K” by Sven Müller was available here.

    It is no longer there but the author and title are given here.

    “Only K” was part of the kdebase package since kdebase-3.0.0 until kdebase-3.4.3. It is license was “free for commercial and noncommercial usage, distribution and

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