Kdenlive steps in for Final Cut Pro.

Kdenlive Interface

A quick follow-up from last week’s post about Ubuntu Linux video editors… I took the helpful suggestions you left there and elsewhere and installed Kdenlive.

Upon first boot I was walked through a helpful set-up wizard, after which the app promptly crashed. Oops. But a quick restart revealed the closest dead-ringer yet to this Mac refugee’s familiar Final Cut Pro. Check out the available effects in that centre panel!

Like Kino, Kdenlive can capture footage via FireWire from miniDV tape. I believe it makes use of the same command-line tool dvgrab, which I noticed was installed for me automatically using Synaptic. But unlike Kino, Kdenlive provides a more traditional timeline interface. Oh, and apparently you can even author DVDs through a built-in wizard.

I found Kdenlive to be a bit unstable as I mucked around with it last night, but that might have been due to the latest PiTiVi residing on my machine at the same time. For the record, the newer PiTiVi was fairly crashy itself while running on my older Ubuntu-derived OS.

I’ve since removed it and will take Kdenlive through its paces as I try to make a show DVD for the comedy troupe that’s been patiently waiting for it.

Kdenlive has been pre-compiled for the following distributions:

In English, “pre-compiled” means you should be able to find it in your distro’s package manager. πŸ˜‰

Note that the additional installation of Qt libraries is required if you’re not running KDE.

Thanks again to everyone who pointed me towards this fine app. Video editing is kind of a big deal for me in that it was the most demanding task performed on my old Mac Pro. If Kdenlive works out like I think it will then this film school graduate will be able to preach the Linux gospel without reservations to anyone.

Fingers crossed…


  1. Lol. I see you don’t want any more problem, so promptly cancelled the Ubootnu! Anyway, I wish you all the best in your sojourn with video editing on Ubuntu. Oops GNU/Linux πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks for this article. I’ve been searching for a good video editor for Linux for some time now and Kdenlice appears to be the only one that’s up to the job. In fact after playing with it for about two hours I’m starting to like it a lot. BTW so far it never crashed for me here (using it on Mandriva 2010 Spring 64-bit).

  3. Mandriva, you say?

    I’m actually so impressed with Kdenlive that I’m thinking of switching from Gnome to KDE altogether. More on that in a future post!

  4. KDE? Nah, tried it via Kubuntu but for some reason, it felt needless over complicated and after every hibernation, the network manager is turned off. Have to go into config files to turn it on. Had to get back to GNOME. Currently running the Ubuntu remixed Manhattan OS.

  5. Yea. KDE has got good sides you know. Just needs some fine tuning in terms of stability. Or perhaps because I started using Ubuntu/GNOME, it has become more embedded in my taste buds as opposed to KDE πŸ˜€

  6. i want to know that i want to download apple’s final cut pro in ubuntu linux plz tell me which website will be good for me to download final cut pro easily.

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