My first week with Teksavvy.

As a public service to anyone considering the switch to Canada’s upstart ISP Teksavvy I’m going to write about my first week or so using their service.

It’s true that Teksavvy piggybacks on at least part of the incumbent networks for their Cable and DSL Internet products, but if you think that supporting a company other than the incumbent ISPs is important like I do then you’ll want to keep reading…

My condo's cable room. Eep.

This would be the Rogers-managed portion of my Teksavvy connection, the fabled “last mile” between hub and home.

Glamorous, ain’t it?

Partly due to a misunderstanding and partly because I was out of town when the switchover happened, I ended up coming home to no cable service at all. Fortunately Teksavvy was able to arrange a Rogers service call for me on a Sunday morning, where I got to see this unfortunate mess of ancient wiring in my condo’s cable room.

It all still works, though, and after a few minutes of cable guy futzing my Teksavvy modem was online for the very first time.

So how does it compare to the Rogers service I had before?

These are my results from — downstream is pretty much identical to what I was getting before, but my upstream bandwidth has been halved. This is a bit disappointing as there’s a noticeable slowdown when I’m surfing and using a BitTorrent client simultaneously.

Thankfully I’ve had no issues with Skype, the only other upstream-intensive app that I regularly use. Other upsides include the almost $20 per month that I save, and that some but not all of my monthly bill now goes to Rogers.

Here’s how the two services compare:

Rogers Extreme Internet:

  • Up to 15 Mbps download speed (and on which planet might that be?)
  • Up to 1 Mbps upload speed (I only ever got about half of that)
  • 80 GB monthly usage allowance
  • $59.99/month + taxes

Teksavvy Extreme Cable:

  • 10 Mbps downstream
  • 1 Mbps upstream
  • 200 GB monthly cap (!)
  • $42.95/month + taxes

In both cases I purchased a modem outright rather than renting it. I could have technically waited to see if my Rogers cable modem would work with my Teksavvy service, but decided to play it safe. At least now I have a spare…

I should also mention that Teksavvy’s legendary customer service has perhaps taken a turn for the worse, in that my wait times to speak with someone on the phone have consistently been ten minutes-plus. However,  when they finally answer the folks on the other end of the line have been consistently courteous and helpful, and I suspect that support requests by voicemail or email might be a more efficient means of getting help.

Despite the hit in upstream bandwidth I’m very satisfied with Teksavvy. I even get the same trickle of TV stations that I did with Rogers, though they’re of dubious value since there’s little worth watching on the idiot box anyway.

If you’re tired of handing over your hard-earned money month after month to the usual suspects, Teksavvy is definitely worth looking into.


  1. Man, 200GB is really worth it. Good bargain.

    “…since there’s little worth watching on the idiot box anyway.”

    I know a lot of people here that will accuse you of blasphemy for that statement you know 🙂

  2. I’d thought that we could really only get up to 6 megs/sec from a DSL ISP (in Canada, at least) despite that fact that some ISP providers offer plans promising up to 16 megs/sec.

    Any info? Is that correct?

  3. Oh… It’s 8 bits in 1 byte, correct?
    So to download a 5 meg file via 5 meg/sec service, it actually takes eight seconds, not one? (Since the “size meg” means megabyte, while the “speed meg” is megabit?)

  4. Hell, got a question. 🙂 you said ?10 Mbps downstream
    ?1 Mbps upstream
    ?200 GB monthly cap (!)
    ?$42.95/month + taxes. But I don’t see anything like this on the Tek official website. 200GB cap service is 5M Down and 31.95/mon. So, was it typo?

  5. Dude, that mess you see above, nothing compared to the total anarchy that is “Big Red’s” network. I call them Big Red to avoid them finding this comment (they scour the web for any comments, good or bad) I have been doing contract work on their network for some 12 years now, and well, it’s a colossal mess. I have several hundred pictures of their “network”, most of which are much scarier then what you have posted here.

  6. I hate Bell so I went with Teksavvy….. thought it was OK but the rates went up and Teksavvy is no longer cost effective. At least with Bell I could send more than 3 pictures in an email. Now my land line is messed up .. people are calling my number and asking for another party… some are calling me at supper time and asking why I’ve been leaving messages at their number during the day… when I’m not even near the phone. Quite dissappointed with Teksavvy service. Need a company that will host my upcoming website… I have serious doubts I will give this business to Teksavvy.

  7. I have been with teksavvy for one week now and went from paying $60 plus taxes for only 95 gigs a month with Rogers to $55 plus taxes for unlimited donwload (no cap on my gigs per month)

    I also switched from bittorrents to newsgroups/usenet which allows me to download everything at the promised 10 mbps. Which equals to about 1.2 megs per second.

    It’s awesome. In the first 24 hrs of having teksavvy i downloaded more than I could in a month with Rogers.

    Also be adviced that your Rogers’ modem is locked. It should only work with Rogers. If it works with teksavvy, they will have a list on their site, teksavvy has to call Rogers and basically ask for it to be unlocked. So if you ever need to use the Rogers modem, be advice it will work but first it needs to be unlocked.

  8. My first week with Teksavvy was not good either. They say it was Bell’s fault for disconnecting my wet loop DSL and reconnecting my Teksavvy as dry loop. Didn’t work as I still have Bell home phone. Once I complained enough to Teksavvy, they finally got the message thru to Bell to correct it. Haven’t really checked the actual speeds I’m getting but no more throttling of bittorrents and no more penalty for going over bandwidth cap. My monthly fee is now 50% cheaper and 1000% better service!

  9. I find a significant slow down with my cable service through Teksavvy sometimes. It’s okay in the morning, but later on the evening/night, it drops significantly. Go from roughly 20 Mbps (even though I’m on the plan for 10!) in the morning to sometimes less than 4 Mbps at night. Is that just due to Internet traffic or what?

  10. i have teksavvy cable internet for about 4 weeks and am loving it. i get max speed all the time 10mps down and 1mps up. no matter what time or day.

    1. You’re a lucky guy, I’ve hit a new low. Maybe 10-15 seconds ago I ran a speed test and am now pulling down 1.45 Mbps. This morning it was 15 Mbps. Totally bizarre.

  11. I do love the teksavvy 200 gig but streaming video is very slow
    also there seems to be a problem with my teksavvy service…. right now i have no interent =(
    its been 3 days and nothing has been done about it…
    I had rogers b4 and i think they did something to ip…..
    right now im trying to get tech support and its taking almost an hour to get help.
    I really do not want to go back to crappy rogers.

  12. Teksavvy has the worst customer service. It’s just awful but they can justify anything, like their customer service is way better than Bell. Well geez thanks for the newsflash, is there anyone who isn’t better than Bell or Rogers? Wait times for tech help are 30 minutes plus as of late, with some of the rudest tech agents I have ever spoken too.

  13. That hasn’t been my experience at all.

    I’ve experienced long wait times (most likely due to their surging popularity), but every single person I’ve spoken to at Teksavvy has been helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

  14. I’ve had DSL connection with TekSavvy for a few years now and am pretty happy with it. I wish they offer lower rate for long-term contract (instead of only month-to-month), like

    I noticed that the waiting time on the phone is much longer since they had cable Internet service.

  15. I have been using TekSavvy for 8 months and it is really good, GREAT speed, even – in my opinion – better than Rogers and Bell. Our family also has 4 ppl at the age of 21-24and we use a LOT, of internet and we have never been over. I have never had a problem with them. I pay 30 bucks for 200GB while bell chargers like ~bucks for like 25gb. No problms whatsover,

  16. Keep in mind the overcharge fees too. You get 0.50 per GB on TekSav right away, to get that rate you need to be on Rogers’ $100 plan that comes with 175, albeit it’s got a 50mb download but fast downloading is the enemy if you can’t afford the BW you’re getting.

    On any plan less than Ultimate it gets jacked up to 1, 2 dollars per gig. Which you’ll definitely need with their low cutoffs.

  17. Sorry, I don’t follow your math here…

    The commenter above (like myself) currently gets a 200GB cap for $42.95/month — how is that not exponentially better than 175GB for $100?

  18. @Tyciol – Personally I got an unlimited plan, so I don’t have to care about how much I down and upload. A coworker of mine has 200GB limit, but he told me that he runs over it all the time and Teksavvy has never charged him a dime extra.

  19. I made the switch, I’m finding my internet much much faster with Teksavvy and the best part, no evening slowdowns! I love Teksavvy!! (And i feel the opposite about rogers)

  20. I’m in the process of getting teksavvy after seeing and using it at a friend’s place.
    While they have friendly customer representatives i’m averaging wait times of 45 mins per call and have spent 6+ hours on the phone with them in the last week.
    Its taken 6 days and counting to get them to get someone out to correct a botched installation. I’d leave but i’m tied down by the terms of service. Buyer beware.

  21. Your botched install is very likely the fault of Bell or Rogers, who control either the DSL connection or the last mile of your cable Internet.

    “I’d leave but i’m tied down by the terms of service.”

    Not sure what you mean by this — you buy the modem up front but are free to sell or give it away. There is no contractual obligation to stay with them that I’m aware of.

  22. Andrew,

    Thanks for the video… watching that ass O’Leary get put in his place (several times) in one interview is more than enough for me to give TekSavvy a look… this guy is my new hero!

  23. Just switched to TekSavvy on Apr. 1st and the joke’s on Bell. My line’s been great so far, and when I needed to speak to their technicians, they gave me the option to leave them a voicemail to request a callback. There was no need to wait on the phone. It feels so good to make the switch after putting up with Bell’s bullshit for 10 years.

  24. Just had a really bad experience with Teksavvy; they left me hanging without service for 10 days and their only resolution was that they would refund the 10 days of not receiving service. I spent 10 days in which I lost communication and business and to top it off; when they send a service person to diagnose a problem they advise you won’t be charged and you are still charged and they are not at all apologetic with false advertising or up-selling you from their $24.99 plan. Thanks..but..No Thanks! -a.

  25. “… they left me hanging without service for 10 days and their only resolution was that they would refund the 10 days of not receiving service.”

    And what exactly were you expecting?

    I see your IP address is from Teksavvy’s Cable Internet; so now that your service is up and running you want to ditch them and pay more for less with someone else?

    Have fun with that.

  26. Signed up to Teksavvy service a couple of weeks ago. Took a week and half to get somebody to my place, and now, with cable internet service ($40 / month), I can’t load a lot of web pages include, yup, lololol

    I will switch, unfortunately to bell or rogers. believe me, I HATE that I have to do this, but I just can’t deal with worse than dial up wait times for page loads.

  27. “Took a week and half to get somebody to my place…”

    Again, this is Rogers’ fault — they’re the ones who activate your line and, as you can imagine, they’re in no hurry to do it.

    Can you post your results from

  28. I have had DSL from teksavvy for more than 2 years now and I have not had any problems. Although There was 1 time i had to wait for about an hour to talk to someone, but its not like im calling once a week or even once a year for that matter.
    Anyways, Im moving to a 16 unit apartment building in kitchener next week and im thinking about getting cable instead of dsl. Is it worth paying the extra 5 bucks for it? Or should I go with dry loop? or get a phone line with dsl?

  29. I have been with TekSavvy for quite a few years now. I think they are fantastic. The only problems I have had are with that last hundred feet belonging to Bell. The tek people have for the most part be very helpful. You can’t beat the price and if you recommend another customer you get $1.00 off your bill. Hope the big guys don’t win in the UBB, got to keep TekSavvy going for the little guy.

  30. Yeah, I am considering switching. I think it is really worth it. Like I have been with Bell for 2 years, and the pricing was high! Then too rogers, The prices are just upsetting. Like I thought the prices from Rogers was fair… Until I saw TekSavvy and was like goodbye to rogers and hello to TekSavvy.

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