#N97minitour, Ottawa wrap-up.

I’m posting this from somewhere on Highway 401 — we’re en route to Toronto this afternoon, stopping in at Nokia Canada HQ in Ajax along the way.

Here’s what we got up to during our two days in the nation’s capital…


We rolled into town mid-afternoon, and after getting settled in at our swanky hotel set off for an evening of fun with Internet rockstars Simon Sage and Bambi Blue, among others.

This one's for @AnthonyMarco on Twitter... #n97minitour

On the way there I was thrilled to come across this statue of jazz legend Oscar Peterson, but disappointed that it hadn’t been erected in a more populous location.

The evening was also notable for WhatleyDude’s first-ever serving of poutine


Today's #n97minitour challenge rejiggered to "don't look like a dork". Did I win?

The first of two big events was a challenge designed to show off a sports radar app for our Nokias — unfortunately we couldn’t get it to work properly because the mini-putt course we had booked for the afternoon was indoors and blasting loud music.

On the plus side, our balls glowed in the dark. Our golf balls, I mean.

Kismet on the N900

Over dinner I got a really cool demo of Kismet from Simon. Basically I logged into our restaurant’s unencrypted WiFi network with a dummy user name & password and he found it — look for the “poopypants.com” domain in the screen grab above. It really makes me wish that Nokia’s N900 could play nice with WIND Mobile’s data network.

Mosaika Finale

After dinner we headed over to Parliament Hill for the Sound & Light show on Centre Block. Being the right cynical bastards we are CT and I dismissed the content as heavy-handed propaganda, but the pretty lights presented a good opportunity to test the low-light capabilities of our N97 minis. Check my Flickr set for more photos and see what you think.

Next stop: Toronto, with a special surprise along the way…

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