#N97minitour, day zero.

How to befuddle an Air Canada ticket agent...

Here it is, the very first challenge of the #N97minitour that I’m joining up with today — to get Air Canada‘s check-in staff to accept their own mobile bar code at Pearson International Airport. The last two times I tried I achieved very predictable results.

But let’s not dwell on the past; here’s what I know about the tour so far…

Who’s on board:

Simon, from KnowNokia.ca — I met Simon in person for the first time at the inaugural Mobile Geeks of Toronto meet-up this past spring. Prior to that he wrote a blog post just for me explaining how to sideload Ovi Maps data onto a Nokia device, which I thought was pretty cool.

CT Moore, aka Gypsy Bandito — we’ve never crossed paths, but he was a speaker at the Nokia Open Lab in 2008, which is also pretty cool.

Donna Suffing, James Whatley (!) and Tom Hall from WOMWorld/Nokia — I met Ms. Donna irl in New York City at the end of last summer’s N97 24/7 Tour and Mr. Hall in London last November where he lent me a phone to take with me around the world. And Mr. Whatleydude remains a legend — at least until we meet face-to-face tonight.

Our itinerary:

Friday 16th July

Saturday 17th July

Sunday 18th July

Monday 19th July

  • 11.00 Bus to depart
  • 12.00 Bus departs for Ottawa
  • Approx journey time = 1.5 hours

Tuesday 20th July

Wednesday 21st July

  • 10.00 Bus to depart for Toronto
  • Approx journey time = 5 hours

Thursday 22nd July

  • 8.30 Tree planting with the Nokia Canada team
  • 13.00 Thank you lunch

Friday 23rd July

  • 18.30 N97mini tour Finale party

Saturday 24th July

  • Everyone to depart

I’m not entirely sure what kind of posting schedule I’m going to be able to keep over the next week, but my regular noontime routine probably isn’t going to work unless I throw something up in the morning and update it through the day.

Anyway, off we go…


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