Five questions for Jade Bryan Jardinico.

SymbianWorld‘s Jade Bryan Jardinico and I were first introduced to each other online right here, where we both found ourselves lucky recipients of a free N97 — courtesy of Nokia and Qik.

Our similar paths continued; in January we both started new blogs — yours truly with this one and Jade with Symbian Dreams. But Jade has since been snatched away by SymbianWorld, so let’s catch up with him and see how he’s doing…

1. Congrats on the new position at SymbianWorld! How did that come about?

First of all thank-you for giving me a chance to be featured on Oa.

I got the position at SymbianWorld last month when Norman invited me and I said yes. Being in SymbianWorld means great exposure and also to be able to learn and improve. I started blogging in January 2010 and after 6 months of finding the place that would suit me best it was time to settle down there.

2. Are there any special perks that come with your new gig, like travel?

Like I said, there’s big exposure in SymbianWorld and in future such things are possible. I love traveling, exploring new things, meeting new people and adding them to my diverse friend lists.

3. How do Nokia smartphones in The Philippines fare against the usual suspects — iPhone, Android, etc.?

Oh, my favorite topic — Nokia!

In Philippines, teens like me grew up with Nokia. We learned to text and our country eventually became the texting capital of the world — Nokia played a big part in that… yeah, connecting people! From feature phone to smartphones, Nokia is still dominating here. Unlike Nokia, many manufacturers like Motorola are fading away, but there are others starting to enter.

Nowadays Apple is quite popular here for mobile enthusiasts, elites and those who are literate to technology. But in terms of numbers and popularity Nokia is leading in smartphones followed, I think, by Sony Ericsson. The rarer smartphones that you will see here are the Androids and iPhones, but more common among people are Nokia touch phones like the 5800XM and 5230. To be honest, the 5800XM is the most famous touch phone here, aside from the cheap/ugly/broken/cloned China phones which are also starting to fade out. And Nokia plus others did well to eliminate China phones by countering them with cheap authentic ones.

Nokia has lot of competitors now especially on their smartphones here in Asia, but it will take decades for others before they will topple the king in Asia. Symbian is also becoming more famous and they should use this advantage. People here are already tattooed on what Nokia is — a quality technology.

4. How did you first come to be a fan of S60 and Symbian?

Because of Nokia I ended up of loving Symbian too. Two years ago when I had my N81, I saw that Symbian OS (S60) had the edge over others. The UI is so friendly, the content and support always there. I envied others when I saw them using S60v3 FP2! I am really fascinated with the Symbian OS.

5. Nokia seems to be losing a few hearts and minds these days, like for example. What keeps you loyal to Nokia and their products?

It’s more than a decade now and I know Nokia is still the best out there, in terms of the quality of their products and the innovation they create. But there are always times that they should stop and realize what they are doing wrong. I’ve seen Nokia fall down before, but these days are different because they are holding up and doing their best. And that’s what I am doing right now, believing in Nokia and that they can remain being number one — that’s why I’m still holding on.

P.S. I’m so thankful to Mr. Andrew for featuring me. It’s always a pleasure to be on your blog.



  1. Yup. Just like me, I love Nokia and think it is the best out there. Only problem is, they have to start searching for that wow effect that Uncle Jobs seems to have enough of. Perhaps they might negotiate with him to teach them? 🙂

  2. @ghabuntu

    Nokia have proven something like N95, 3210, 9000 communicator and that’s we should watch out from them..they might shock us again with technology. hehehe

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