Announcing the #N97minitour!

#N97minitour bus front

Last summer around this time I was enjoying a mobile blogger’s dream come true — an all-expenses paid tour across the USA with Nokia’s flagship phone of the day. Well, it’s happening all over again, this time a little closer to home.

To promote the carrier-branded N97 mini Nokia Canada has teamed up with Rogers to send a total of 10 lucky Canadians across the country in the RV you see above. Kinda. There are actually two separate tours, one each of the western and eastern parts of the country.

The western tour is already underway, with my man Tom Hall chaperoning. The eastern tour kicks off next weekend under the watchful eye of no less than James Whatley (!), and I’ve been invited.

Next Friday I fly to Montreal and leisurely make my way back to Toronto, with at least one stop along the way:

  • Montreal: July 16th-19th
  • Ottawa: July 19th-21st
  • Toronto: July 21st-24th

I don’t much else at this point, just that there will be public events in each of the three cities where we’re stopping. The only one I can confirm at this point is a Mobile Geeks of Montreal meet-up next Friday night.

Apart from Mr. Whatley I don’t yet know who else is coming on the eastern tour, but I’ve been assured that we’re not sleeping in the RV — seven strangers sharing three beds would certainly be interesting.

I’ll post more news as it becomes available. In the meantime, you can follow the wrap-up of the western tour this weekend on Facebook, Twitter and all points beyond


  1. Ok buddy, in case you get an extra phone from this, you could always send it to me here so I can also do some showoffs :-). Or better still, let Nokia mail it directly to me 😀

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