A video round-up of G-20 madness.

Hi, how are you this morning? I’m still trying to come to grips with the fact that my city was turned into a war zone over the weekend…

I suspect that people all over Canada have seen the iconic image of that burning police cruiser on their nightly newscast. Here’s some video you may not have seen…

On Friday morning this outspoken young man questioned the legality of a mandatory bag search before he being allowed to enter a public park. As I wrote on Friday an emergency law was passed here giving police the power to do this — but only near the security perimeter of the G-20 summit. I’m not entirely sure what the law states as I’m still waiting for it to be officially published.

This video has generated a lot of discussion amongst my Facebook friends. What do you make of it?

I’ve included this video for two reasons: (1) to show the vicious behaviour of these plainclothed police officers, particularly the one in the poster frame, and (2) because at around 46 seconds (there’s a pause in the video) you can see a black bloc protester slip safely behind the police line. Was this person working undercover to observe and report, or were they planted to incite violence and justify a response in kind from the police?

That second thing has happened in this country before

G20 – Cops Charge Protesters at Queen and Spadina, After “O Canada” from Torontoist on Vimeo.

I admit to having next to no context for this one, I just find it disturbing and sad that police would attack what seems like a peaceful crowd the moment they finish our national anthem. This also happened a few blocks from where I live.

I don’t know what else to say really, except that I’ll never look at a police officer in this city the same way again…


  1. Well. If I live in Canada, and I am paid $1b to protest, I won’t. Why you ask? Because I might make $10 dollars blogging with that time than spend it protesting in the face of wine and tea drinkers who are out of touch with the very people that put them there.

    Instead of those people wasting their energies, they might be well off channeling it into productive uses.

  2. I’ve witnessed something similar last year. It was at the Freiheit Statt Angst (freedom instead of fear) demonstration in Berlin.
    Cops beating up a guy that was filming the protestors, and afterwards beating up a guy who went in to get the IDs of those cops

    And later on my way to the railroad station I was pushed by cops into a rioting crowd of black bloc guys…

    I’m so sick of those police state tactics, can’t eat as much as I want to puke

  3. AC:

    thanks for that link–amazing photos.

    The seal cracks me up. If we’d seen furry tactics instead of Black Bloc tactics, it would have made for a very different protest…


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