The worst digital lock of all.


Music industry fluff and Hollywood dreck are one thing, but don’t you dare touch my mobile phone…

Even though my diatribe against carrier contracts remains one of the most popular all-time posts on my previous blog, so many Canadians still shy away from paying the full unsubsidized price for a handset, not realizing the freedom they’re giving up in doing so.

I’m heartened by Industry Minister Tony Clement’s invitation to tweet feedback and questions regarding Canada’s latest proposed DMCA Copyright Bill. In regards to mobile phones there’s been word that off-contract carrier-branded units might be subject to mandatory unlocking, but nothing on legally-purchased handsets that were never locked in the first place.

I’m sure the incumbent carriers in this country would be absolutely thrilled to have the sale of unlocked, imported mobile phones made illegal here — not only are they currently exempt from import duties, they provide Canadians with an alternative to the three-year contracts that have now become the de facto standard.

If you care about such things (and you really should), please retweet the question posed above to Minister Clement and make sure it gets answered.

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