My 100th post.

Here’s some news: you’re looking at the 100th post on this humble blog! I think a little navel-gazing is in order, don’t you?

I’ve culled the top three entries from various categories of my WordPress stats to give you (and me) a better idea of what’s popular on these pages. I’ll also provide some context where I can.

So here’s where we’re at…

Top Posts:

  1. Meet my new Linux rig.
  2. Easy (and amazing) Debian for the N900.
  3. Home page

That post I wrote on Easy Debian is (I think) a perfect storm of two out of Oa’s three main areas of interest, Linux and mobile phones. If you were wondering, the third is copyright reform…

It was pretty amazing seeing how the Easy Debian post made its rounds through the epicentre of the Linux community — first to Tux Machines, then on to Linux Today and all points beyond.

My number one all-time post got a lot of help from redditors, as will now be revealed.

Top Referrers:


Ok, public confession time: I publicize most of my posts on as soon as they go live.

To call it the WIRED version of Digg is unfair (though I publicize there too) — it’s the same general idea but the interaction there is much more intense. Redditors can be brutally unforgiving if they don’t like what they see, but those rare occasions where I find myself in their good graces justify the beatings I usually get, and sometimes deserve.

Top Searches:

  1. “facebook sucks”
  2. “easy debian n900”
  3. “easy debian”

Easy Debian again? Go figure…

As for my Facebook post it’s a sign of the times, I guess — and a testament to the power of SEO. Hint: put “sucks” in the title of your post if what you’re writing about sucks. 😉

Top Outgoing Clicks:

  1. Lenovo IdeaCentre A Series
  2. Why I Want My Daughter to be a Hacker
  3. [Swoon…] on Flickr

Ah, the Lenovo link — glad this came up.

When I first started writing this blog I had no intention of riddling it with banner ads, but I am guilty of more than a few Amazon Associate links. Who knew that a $500-plus unlocked Nokia wouldn’t make for a typical impulse purchase? Me, that’s who.

Currently I’m linking expensive hardware to the appropriate entries on — partly because I like the urls and partly because I’m not really sure where else to link to. I also have accounts with Commission Junction and LinkShare, but finding links through either is a pain and honestly, using them makes me feel dirty. If you’ve any ideas for what I should link to — or a strong dislike for gdgt — by all means let me know.

And please tell me as well if there’s anything else I can do to keep you coming back. I probably won’t change my commenting system anytime soon but if there’s anything else I can tweak in terms of content and/or presentation I’m all ears…


  1. AC:

    congratulations on post #100 (ironaically, a day also marking Apple’s market capitalization finally exceeding Microsoft’s).

    Looking forward to the next 100!


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