Details on Nokia’s first MeeGo device.

I never got a chance to post about the Mobile Geeks of Toronto event earlier this month because it was held on the night before my departure for Moscow. WOM World Nokia, sponsors of the event, has posted a collection of write-ups on #MGoTO and #MGoVan, a similar event held in Vancouver the night before.

One surprising thing that few people seem to be talking about is Nokia’s first device shipping with their new MeeGo OS — maybe because we’re polite Canadians who don’t want to speak out of turn, or more likely because almost everyone present had already purchased an N900 to call their own.

So here’s what I heard:

  • The device will go on sale in the second half of 2010;
  • Unlike the N900 it will support 1900MHz 3G for North American carriers.

That second point is a fairly big deal– especially for Canadians — given that Nokia’s N900 only works (in this country) with 3G service from WIND Mobile, and that I couldn’t get any data service at all from WIND on a trial unit.

My biggest concern about MeeGo has to do with Intel, not Nokia; if MeeGo ends up being anything like Intel’s Moblin netbook OS I think power users will shun it in favour of rooted Android devices or something else that doesn’t insult their intelligence. Of course, last time I checked MeeGo was still more or less a terminal shell, so anything’s possible at this point.

Fingers crossed…

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