Moscow through the lens of my N86.

Readers of my previous blog might remember my revelation that Nokia’s high-end camera phones — and specifically the N86 — had become good enough to replace my dedicated point-and-shoot while travelling abroad.

And on my trip to Moscow this month my N86 continued to impress. Here are a few samples of what it delivered:

Just another Moscow Metro station...

Just another Moscow Metro Station.

Peter Columbus

Monument to Peter the Great, or a re-purposed statue of Christopher Columbus?

Conquerors of Space Spire

“Conquerors of Space” at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The imposing Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters.

Husky Puppy

A friendly young Husky at the Ismailovsky Market.

You can see more photos in this set on Flickr. And to read more about my trip simply call up the hashtag #acru on or Twitter.


  1. AC:
    I would have guessed you used a high-end point ‘n’ shoot for those (like my old Fuji S-series camera, which looks like an DSLR but isn’t).

    Awesome colour and detail.


  2. Thanks. That Ministry of Foreign Affairs building was so tall I couldn’t get a shot of it without wires blocking the way, so I made them even more prominent instead.

  3. I think the second photo is not from Moscow… I think that one is from Saint Petersburg, isn’t it?

    Kindly regards… And good photos.

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