N97 Mini Trunk Challenge: Round One.


Consider this contest over!

The N97 Mini Trunk contest I mean — you know, the one being held by WOM World Nokia? Yeah, that’s the one…

The first challenge for Sandy Chen and I was to do something or other with a photo — I didn’t really pay too much attention to the instructions, but I was careful to note that the rules didn’t exclude Photoshops. Hence, the Mona Lisa resting her elbows on the N97 Mini Trunk.

Oh, I know — it looks so real, but it’s totally not. And you know what else? It wasn’t even done with Photoshop, but a free open-source alternative called the GIMP.

The GIMP is a really powerful image manipulator that I’m just starting to learn, so I got into a bit of trouble with the next part: Sandy was off somewhere playing with our N97 mini but I thought I should include her somehow, so I replaced the Mona Lisa’s face with hers. Only thing is, I couldn’t quite get it to look right so to fix it I found a bright red hat… Problem solved!

I guess if you just wanted to see Mona and the trunk you could click here. But this is clearly so much better. If any of the other teams want to throw in the towel at this point I totally understand. It may be a bit early to call, but I’m going to anyway — even if it’s totally not my place to.

Round One goes to The Alliancetotally

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