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You know, back in my day people wrote their own blogs. The commenters left comments, the trolls were ignored and that was that. If anyone asked about a particular site you’d say: “Oh yeah, that’s so-and-so’s blog. Nice fella, doesn’t know much about home networking, though…”

And yet here I am with not one, but two offers of guest posts, from very worthy candidates.

One of them is Kevin Neely, a faithful commenter here and a veritable monster of the microblogs — he’s also a big-time security dude at Juniper Networks in the Bay area. And he knows mobiles.

The other is Leo from Capital of Nasty, a Canadian blog electronic magazine that I hadn’t heard of before I joined Identi.ca, where we first crossed paths. He’s been super supportive in rebroadcasting my tweets and, er… dents (still getting used to that). There’s also a lot of overlap in subject matter on our two sites.

I honestly don’t know how this is going to go, but it seems silly not to give it a try. My own writing isn’t so consistently brilliant that you’d feel cheated by someone else’s words now and again. We both know that — come on…

If it works out and you like what you see there may end up being less downtime here during the 10 days I’ll be visiting Mother Russia next month. More immediately it will give me a bit of breathing space to finish getting my new Linux rig set up.

But at the end of the day it’s really about having an (insert name of blog here), isn’t it?

Mr. Neely, you’re up tomorrow… No pressure or anything. 😉

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