Much ado about Mippin.

Oa Splash Page using WPMP Oa Splash Page on Mippin

On the left is what this humble site currently looks like on a mobile phone and Opera Mini; on the right is the same content as rendered by a free service called Mippin. Which one looks more appealing to you? Yup, me too…

Mippin Start Page

I’m pretty sure I signed up for a Mippin account some years ago as per an All About Symbian recommendation, and I must confess that at the time I didn’t really get it. In fact, it’s only through the, er… Mippin-ization of these pages that I’ve come to understand what Mippin is all about.

Here’s my personal home page on Mippin. Yeah, I’m not crazy about that ad either; at least Mippin keeps it to a line or so of text.

The sign-up process for a Mippin account is dead-simple; you’re presented with your home page first, then asked to choose a username and password in case you get logged out or change your device.

Mippin is one of the default bookmarks that you get in a new install of Opera Mini, so it should be easy to find. There are also bookmarks — sorry, “apps” — available for the Android handsets , BlackBerries and even your stupid iPhone. 😛

Suck it, Engadget Mobile!

If you want to find me my username on Mippin is acurrie — that’s right, Mippin is also a social network. You can find & follow other users and, critically, recommend sites and posts to them by pinning said content to your home page.

The influence of Mippin should not be discounted — after setting up this site on Mippin (which took all of about five minutes) and having it live for only a few days, I’m getting significantly more traffic there than on my own mobile rendering of this site — so much so, in fact that Open attitude is currently ranked 7th overall of all Mippin sites for mobile news. Take that, Engadget Mobile!

Call it hubris, but I would love to crack the top five. And a handy WordPress plug-in is waiting in the wings to help, simply by redirecting mobile visitors to my Mippin site — which, by the way, is here:

Have a look and let me know what you think. I’m usually wary of having content hosted on external sites, but in the case of Mippin I can keep ads off my own pages, at least. Mippin does seem to be where all the mobile users are, and that it’s lasted almost three years in the easy come, easy go world of Web 2.0 is no small feat…


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