Nokia listens.

You wouldn’t expect the world’s largest mobile phone maker to take design cues from a humble Canadian blog, but here we are…

Just a few months ago on a previous site I sounded the alarm bells about yet another scratching lens cover from Nokia — not the infamous one on their N97, but a less critical (yet equally annoying) issue on the N86.

Here’s photo evidence of the incurred damage from that post and below it, my advice to Nokia at the time:

Scratchy scratchy!

Nokia could have avoided this uproar altogether with more metal painted plastic around the lens, as they did with their own N79.

So imagine my delight when I saw this modified lens housing on my new N86:

A Better N86 Lens Housing

Well done, Nokia. Nice to know you’re listening!


  1. Boss I already have my shot on N86 lens scratch issue. I shot it last week, and I am ready to post it anytime. you’re the man! woops. Nokia should give a credit to ur improvised lens case. lolz

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