Meet MP Charlie Angus.

Canada seems to be blessed with an inordinate number of copyfighters — including, as we’ve seen this week, podcaster Jesse Brown, lawyer & professor Michael Geist and ex-pat journalist & author Cory Doctorow.

Charlie Angus, however, is in a rather unique position — he’s a Member of Parliament in a sitting government. Well actually, our government’s not sitting right now but that’s another story…

Here’s Charlie showing up for work on Parliament Hill (when he didn’t have to — see above) to speak out publicly against ACTA:

But it doesn’t stop there. Charlie has also created a Facebook group, ACTA: END THE SECRECY. And when a new member from the UK asked if the group was open to membership from around the world, Charlie was quick to respond — all are welcome.

I wonder if Charlie’s previous career as an artist has any bearing on his current quest for copyright reform and digital rights? That’s a rhetorical question — you don’t need to answer that. 😉


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