Meet Podcaster Jesse Brown.

Here’s the 12 seconds or so of audio that podcaster Jesse Brown is probably most famous for:

It was the unceremonious end to a telephone interview with then-Minister of Industry Jim Prentice, in regards to Bill C-61 — an ill-fated attempt at bringing DMCA-style copyright laws to Canada.

It was also, coincidentally, the last Search Engine podcast officially funded by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — an interesting decision, considering that Search Engine made the Best of 2007 list on iTunes and was nominated for two New York Festival Radio Awards. But for whatever reasons, Jesse and Search Engine were set adrift. The CBC continued to host new podcasts that Jesse self-produced until TVOntario, another publicly-funded network, scooped him up.

Though Search Engine ticks all the boxes for Canadian content the topics presented are of interest to listeners worldwide. They include:

You can subscribe to Search Engine (blog and podcast) here and follow Jesse Brown on Twitter here. I recommend you do both!


  1. What many people don’t know is that the Dyscultured podcast, one of Andrew’s other homes, interviewed Jesse Brown at the end of May 2009 regarding the Conference Board scandal of inaccurate reporting.

    The interview can be found at the 13 minute mark of the following link:

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