My favourite Linux podcast.

To give you an idea of how hardcore The Linux Outlaws are, they’ve put together their very own Linux distribution. Top that!

I’ve sampled a variety of podcasts about Linux, including FLOSS Weekly and TuxRadar, but the Outlaws are by far and away my favourite. At first blush an excitable German University student and baritone Liverpudlian might seem like an odd choice to host such a thing, but you’ll quickly realize that both share an equal passion for all things open. They also put on a great show.

Here’s a quick tour of the Outlaw universe to get you up to speed:

One of my favourite recent episodes of the podcast featured an extended interview with Bradley Kuhn & Aaron Williamson from the Software Freedom Law Center. Did you know that a whole whack of television and set-top box manufacturers are using GPL code without giving back to the community? The lesson to be learned here is that open-source has deeper pockets than you might think.

You can listen to that episode and read the show notes right here.

Co-host Dan Lynch also does excellent reviews of distributions on his personal blog. See his recent review of the latest Linux Mint — the go-to desktop distro for any new Linux user — for a sample of his fine work. And note the screen shots of actual OS installs… How does he do that?!

Finally, the forums can often be as interesting as the podcast itself. There are lots of great observations and anecdotes there, along with helpful folks ready to help you with your Linux install — though I still haven’t found an open-source typing tutor for my cat.

If you haven’t had the pleasure you should definitely give The Outlaws a listen. Be sure to let me know what you think!


  1. Love McShnitzel and Chips…. best Linux/Free Software podcast.

    Hate that douche Shwartz who spend the past few years shitting on Linux and especially the GPL.

    He said he has no time for either, so I have no time for him and his little inferiority complex.

    Leo is a salesman who is meh and I liked Jono before when he was on LugRadio because he had fire and passion. Now he's a milquetoast “cant we just get along” guy. Good for him but he is PC to the max now that he has a job with Canonical and is uninteresting.

    I would highly recommend

    They’re older than Outlaws, just as passionate as them but with more of an edge and willingness to call a spade a spade.

    TLLTS and Outlaws cover it all, they cover it well and they have opinions.

    Only ones I wouldn’t recommend are the ass kissers at The Linux Action Show. I’ve heard high school students do better shows that these clowns.

  2. Enjoy listening to the Outlaws, as they don’t take themselves seriously yet still cover the subject well. Worthy successor to LugRadio. The Ubuntu UK guys deserve a mention as well. Can take or leave FLOSS Weekly, and gave up on the Linux Action Show a long time ago. Only so much faux zany radio DJ style talking I can tolerate.

  3. Zeke, wow, I never thought I was classified as PC. You could arguably come to that conclusion because we don’t do LugRadio any more and that filled up my quotient for un-PC humor, but I don’t believe that means I have become uninteresting.

    If being uninteresting is liking to get along with people, then call me uninteresting. I am more interesting in focusing on solutions and making cool shit happen, rather than focusing on what is broken. I think much of the reason for this is that there is so much fucking negativity surrounding Open Source at times, I am tired of the negativity and want to instead celebrate the awesome parts and help to grow a more positive environment.

    Our latest effort is Shot Of Jaq ( and it is indeed very different to LugRadio, but I think that is because the kind of show we wanted to do is different. LugRadio was fun while it lasted, but things change and we wanted a different challenge.

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