Oa Mobile gets listed in WAP Review!

I had the pleasure of meeting WAP Review’s Dennis Bournique in San Francisco last summer during a Nokia-sponsored tour of the United States. He does some very noble work for mobile users in maintaining an excellent directory of mobile-optimized sites — and yesterday this very blog made the list! Here’s a blurb from the official listing:

Andrew’s goal is to spread the open gospel and it seems to be  working. His Linux post has given me new inspiration to revive a ten year old PC with a lightweight Linux distro.

That I even have a mobile-optimized site in the first place was made possible by the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin. It uses web browser detection (in this case) to see if you’re visiting the site from a mobile device, and will adjust the presentation accordingly. It’s great for me, as I don’t have to author a separate, mobilized site.

One thing I can’t do is turn off my Disqus commenting system for the mobile version of Oa, which results in some extra load on very lightweight browsers and gave me a failing grade on the Ready.mobi test. But it’s something I’m willing to live with for the benefit of using Disqus. Hopefully you can too.

How does the site look on your mobile device? Leave me some feedback in the comments — this is why I’ve installed Disqus, after all… 😉

And Dennis, I’m dying to know… Which lightweight Linux did you install on your PC?


  1. This comment posted with Opera Mini 4.2.

    My old PC isn't THAT old. It's a circa 2000, 700Mhz PIII with 512 MB RAM. It used to run so-so with XP but seemed a lot slower With Ubuntu 9.10.

    I was thinking about trying Damm Small Linux or Puppy but decided to give Xubuntu a try first. Xubuntu is an alernate packging of Ubuntu that uses Xfce insted of Gnome as it's Window Manger and also provides lighter default File and Package Managers.

    Well, Xubuntu seems to have done the trick and the olde PC flies now. Using The Gimp and Firefox is no longer painful and the slowdowns I experienced in the File Manager are gone too. The default Xfce theme is pretty ugly but there seem to be lots of alternates available,

  2. Open Attitude looks great in Opera Mini.

    BTW, I posted the previous comment about Xubuntu using Opera Mini. I had no trouble with Discus. I have a (rarely used) Discus account and used Twitter authentication to log in. I'm not sure how easy it would have been if I didn't have a Discus account or used a different login option.

    The biggest Discus issue for mobile is that the comment form doesn't seem to appear at all in browsers that don't support JavaScript.

  3. Good point. For this (and some other reasons) I’m deactivating Disqus and going back to the default WordPress commenting system. Hopefully that will improve my Ready.mobi score a little bit!

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