I will make you love Linux.

You could make a pretty strong argument that Linux runs the Internet. The number of servers running Apache software is more than double its nearest competitor. WordPress, the open-source blogging engine, powers over 200 million sites worldwide. Even the WordPress theme I’m using for this site has been released under the GPL.

But on client computers things it’s a very different story. Linux accounts for a seemingly trivial 1% of current desktop installations. There are many possible explanations for this, but I’m not here to whine and complain. I’m here to tell you that Linux absolutely works, and to convince you to make it the OS of choice on your computer.

In short, I’m here to make you love Linux.

I’ve been using a Linux-powered netbook for over a year with a variety of distributions, including:

And my resolution for 2010 is to free the other computer in my house from its proprietary OS — I’m almost there, having swapped out a certain music player for Songbird, replaced proprietary desktop publishing software with Inkscape and moved on from the de facto industry standard for image manipulation app to the GIMP.

The GIMP was used to make the banner for this site, by the way. It looks pretty good, don’t you think?

If you have a low-powered netbook of your own I can heartily recommend any of the distros mentioned above. If you’d like to know more about the history of Linux I would suggest reading Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution and/or watching the excellent documentary Revolution OS.

And if you’ve any experiences with desktop Linux that you’d like to share, good or bad, please leave them in the comments below…

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